Silent Hour sits with a notebook on its lap or in front of a computer. Its pen is fine-tipped and black, its current notebook is also black and almost finished, and the computer is rather old.

Silent Hour is mostly night.

There is a window in Silent Hour’s room. A blue neon light appears from time to time across the street. It comes from a recording studio, whose owner seems to also prefer the night. Silent Hour misses the light when it’s not on.

Silent Hour is a bookmonger and a wordcubine. It reads, writes, watches.

It is thread wrapped around a spinning wheel.

It howls with the wolves with whom it wants to be.

Silent Hour is me.


Meet Sudden Denouement Collective Member Basilike Pappa

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

IMG_Basilike Pappa

The editors of Sudden Denouement Literary Collective know that our strength is our writers. We hope that you enjoy getting to know them through our new Writer Interview Series.

What name do you write under?

Under my own, which is actually Vassiliki. Its transliteration into English destroys it, so now it’s Basilike. Doesn’t sound exactly right, but looks better. Pronounced Ba-SEE-lee-kee, by the way.

In what part of the world do you live?  Tell us about it.

For the past five years I’ve been living in Trikala, in central Greece. Having moved here from Athens, I sometimes want to stab the quiet flow of life in the back; other times I feel there is nothing like sitting under the shadow of plane trees next to the river Letheus.

Most people here move by bicycle. I must be the only person in town who doesn’t know how to ride one.


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Sudden Denouement Publishing is Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions for Genre Fiction

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Sudden Denouement Publishing has made its mark publishing contemporary and divergent poets such as force of nature Nicole Lyons, social commentator extraordinaire David Lohrey, and stunning Bruised But Not Broken’s founder Rachel Finch.

Although providing a vehicle to publish such extraordinary poets remains a priority for Sudden Denouement Publishing, we are currently seeking submissions of exceptional genre fiction manuscripts. Perhaps your science fiction/fantasy manuscript or your noir mystery is just what we are looking for!

If you are unfamiliar with the quality and aesthetic of Sudden Denouement’s writing, please familiarize yourself with our work before submitting.

How to Submit:
1) Email two chapters of your manuscript to Please clearly state in the subject header: Manuscript Submission. Allow us four weeks to review and respond to your submission. We appreciate your patience as we give your work the attention it deserves.

2) We ask that you submit only one manuscript…

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Self Addressed Stamp Envelope-Erich Michaels

Erich Michaels finds new paths on Sudden Denouement.

A Global Divergent Literary Collective


There are paths I walked in my youth

Enough times you might still see me there

A needle stuck in a groove

This is my life [tick]

This is my life [tick]

This is my life [tick]

Stop and tell me my future

Stay and read my leaves

Tell me that despite

My widdershin path

That I’ll be all right

If I don’t believe you…make me

I wrote a letter to that young wanderer

Using my address from that time

Across the top: Erich Michaels (adolescent)

In it I said:

Yes…she will break your heart, but…

Enjoy the ride

Also, don’t block out her name

She deserves better than that

That tattoo will be a regret

Not just because it’s needle and thread

Bottle of India ink, prison-chic

But because it doesn’t represent you

Have a little more fun in college

Yes, grades are important

But, so are friends


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In a Night so Still I Go La La La La La

Incantation by Anne W. Brigman (American, 1869–1950) Date: 1905



In a night so still I summon you

hear me calling out your name, goddess

I want you here

will you lead me to your sea of love

or leave me lying here

on the burning sands


In a night so still I summon you

I’ll speak a little louder, goddess

I want you here

will you take me where the kingdom comes

or leave me lying here

where souls disappear


In a night so still I summon you

I’ll even shout, goddess

I want you here
will you make this
life livable

or leave me lying here

where I’m losing the reasons to breathe


In a night so still I summon you

C’mon, goddess

I want you here

will you take me home to glory’s throne

or leave me lying here

red eyes and tears


In a night so still I summon you

I won’t say it again, goddess

I want you here

will you lead me to your armchair

or leave me lying here

your onion peeling slave


In a night so still I summon you

cut the crap, goddess

the government is looking for a saw

to cut a thousand loaves of bread in half

and all I want is a haircut

will you give it to me?


In a night so still I summon you

I don’t know what to say, goddess

they said I was your favorite prize
your favorite smile
your favorite mirror

not your favorite game


In a night so still I summon you

why did you play me this way, goddess

you held me down

and it’s always this way

now I know better

So put your hands where I can see them


In a night so still I summon you

to tell you that we are through, goddess

I’d rather spend the night alone in my room

than spend the night alone summoning you

do you hear me?


So much for the night so still

so much for the whistling in the wind, goddess

Is it in my genes – I don’t know

but I guess what you think is true

I could never be the right kind of dog for you

and I go la la la la la


In a Night so Still I Go La La La La La is a found poem made of:

Three poems

Preveza, by Kostas Karyotakis, translated by Peter J. King and Andreas Christofidou

In the Goddess’s Name I Summon You…, by George Seferis, translated by Edmund Keeley

The Monogram, by Odysseus Elytis, translated by Youlika K. Masry (© February 14, 2018)

One Wikipedia article

Greek government-debt crisis

And 14 songs – some better than others and a crappy one

Hands Up – I Love You – Madrugada

Red Eyes and Tears – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

As Sure as the Sun – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges

Not Right – The Stooges

In Your Room – Depeche Mode

Strangelove – Depeche Mode

I Feel You – Depeche Mode

Blue – Vermillion Lies

To Binge – Gorillaz

I Can Never Be Your Woman – White Town

Big Love – Fleetwood Mac

Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac

She’s Got the Look – Roxette


© Basilike Pappa, 2018

(Image: Incantation, by Anne W. Brigman, 1905 – Pinterest)

Interview: Composition of a Woman by Christine Ray

Christine Ray — What an inspiring woman!

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

You started you journey in the past two years. In that time you have made enormous strides as a writer and a publisher. Is there validation in getting a book to press?

My life has changed a great deal in the last two years, hasn’t it? I knew nothing about blogging when I started Brave and Reckless, let alone publishing. It has been quite an education as I have learned how to negotiate the blogging world and then the world of small press publishing. I think my writing has improved dramatically over the last two years as I have found my voice and been exposed to some really incredible writing. Joining Sudden Denouement has really challenged me to refine my writing and take more risks.

If someone had told me two years ago that I would be publishing my first book of poetry this month, I would have laughed at…

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Christine E Ray’s Composition of a Woman, out now!

My Screaming Twenties

Front cover cropped.pngComposition of a Woman is currently available on (Canada) and Amazon Europe (,, and

It should be available of Book Depository and Barnes & Noble soon.

Signed copies of Composition of a Woman are also available on the Sudden Denouement Etsy site.

Watch this incredible video by Dena Daigle for taste of Christine E Ray’s gorgeous work and unmatched talent:

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