Silent Hour sits with a notebook on its lap or in front of a computer. Its pen is fine-tipped and black, its current notebook is also black and almost finished, and the computer is rather old.

Silent Hour is mostly night.

There is a window in Silent Hour’s room. A blue neon light appears from time to time across the street. It comes from a recording studio, whose owner seems to also prefer the night. Silent Hour misses the light when it’s not on.

Silent Hour is a bookmonger and a wordcubine. It reads, writes, watches.

It is thread wrapped around a spinning wheel.

It howls with the wolves with whom it wants to be.

Silent Hour is me.


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      1. Just to add. I think this is what writing is about. Letting the reader visualize the scene, the action and as you mention, even the sounds and smells. Since many people live mostly in their thoughts and minds nowadays, we writers need to become the old-time “storytellers”, conjuring up new and interesting places the reader has never been to. Kindly, not taxing them with difficult details, but simple visualizations they can enjoy or marvel over.

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    1. It is. You’ve already read A.G. Diedericks. He’s the creator, and he’s the one who invited me to join. Elvira also has an impressive collection on her blog.
      Tomorrow it will be my turn to post. I hope you’ll come back to read!


  1. First of all, thank you for liking and reading my blog. This is the first I’ve read on yours, and you captured me immediately. You have brilliant talent with words and creating a scene the reader steps right into. I will be reading more!

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  2. You have a truly unique and wonderful writing style. Deliciously descriptive, a little raw and dark, and a lot of intrigue! I love the choice of details you use to describe silent hour, and the way you use third person to describe ‘it’ you. The impersonal pronoun used in this intimately personal way (if that makes sense) is genius. Love this!

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