And now I see well beyond your sword,

your armed perfection.

It was my fault: in you I saw my reflection.

But no more: I’ve cupped your face too many times

and drank your lips too many times – I was nowhere in that cup.

There was only you:

dressed in carmine jealousy,

reciting spleeny poetry,

recycling it all into amour,

clanging your armor.

The day I knew you were a barking portrait I laughed myself to your death.

No more words embroidered with moss, I said.

No more shouting all the names of nonsense

or seeing omens in lights that bleed yellow, green and red.

I left.

For that, I’m always in my debt.


DELUDEND was originally published on Rat’s Ass Review, Love and Ensuing Madness Collection, August 5, 2016


Basilike Pappa

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