Your face, upturned and gilded

by the LED light

in a belly-of-Athens bar

(beers clinking, vodkas clanking, lighters flicking).

You: laughing

like I’ve never seen you laugh before,

a stone angel coming alive,

spreading his wings over the city

(buildings rising, mobiles ringing, channels changing – antennae extravaganza).

You: listening

to someone telling a story,

leaning forward so the words can reach you free of clutter

(people speaking, people laughing, people pleasing).

And me: looking at you

as if through a keyhole,

remaining unseen and under seduction,

dreaming of capturing you,

of locking you in the misty side of my room,

of keeping your laughter all to myself.



MISTY SIDE OF MY ROOM was originally published on Rat’s Ass Review, Love and Ensuing Madness Collection, April 2016


Basilike Pappa

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