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Let’s blush together over the seas and far away, then
‘neath Helios golden.
Taste the salt spray cleaving to your lips
and think kindly of me
even though I love like a knife.

Then excise my heart – I offer you my body
and if I ever regret it, I won’t tell a soul.


SUBPOEMA was written when it was night here and afternoon there, and the words kept coming back and forth over land and sea, through cable and wire.

See what Kindra does with words at Kindra M. Austin


(Image: Pinterest)

30 thoughts on “Subpoema: Kindra M. Austin & Basilike Pappa

    1. To be honest, I never thought I would. When I started writing, I did it in Greek, naturally. I first wrote in English for a course, and I realized it suited me better. I liked using shorter, sharper words.
      Will I ever be able to do in German, I wonder?
      I know what ‘toll’ means. But what is ‘ganz’?

      And thank you for liking what I write and saying so. You should know I always like your pieces, even when I only ‘like’ them without commenting.


      1. German will be a huge struggle, I can guarantee that. Tho you’ll probably pick it up quicker than I did. ‘Ganz’ just gives another word greater emphasis, kind of like ‘very’.

        I feel the same way about your pieces. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read of yours, and I don’t say that to too many people. You definitely have a feel for the poetic. I might also just give you a like here and there, but that doesn’t take away anything. Sometimes you can’t find the right words to give a thing the credit it deserves.

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      2. I agree about the loss for words. ‘Great,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘wonderful,’ – it’s all been said and re-said. Oh, and let’s not forget ‘insightful.’ It takes time to do the honorable thing and really give feedback to someone, and we don’t always have the luxury. Between friends a ‘like’ will do.

        I am prepared to wrestle with the German language for the years to come. I’m sure I’ll never write anything in German. Maybe thank you notes only.
        It does have a syntax close to ancient Greek though (everyone kept saying that and from the little I know they were right), and shares quite a lot of words with English. But those consonants in endless rows, and those railway words! I don’t know how long it’s going to take to get used to them.

        Anyway, I was thinking, since we like each other’s work, why not try something together sometime? If it’s not something you’d like to do, no problem. Really.

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      3. I have tried collaboration before and it didn’t work out well, probably because of me, but my mind isn’t totally closed to it. You would have to throw some ideas at me and we could see where it goes. Here’s my email:

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