Because into the woods I’ve been

sticky needs

steaming sins

practicing damage

hammering trouble.

Into the woods I’ve been

veined madnesses

chauvinist letters

ejaculated whimpers

spurting devices

shots of lubricant

senses left to hang as paintings

antidote beds

pillow folklore.

Legs were fuckers – steadfast.

Voice was sucker – saccharine.

Into the woods, can’t say I lied about the wolves; can’t say I told the truth about them either.

Perhaps one day I’ll cry wolf when the wolf is here.



ULULA was first published on Rat’s Ass Review, Winter 2017 Issue, 10/12/2017

Many thanks to Roderick Bates, editor of Rat’s Ass. Without him, this poem wouldn’t be what it is.

©️ Basilike Pappa 2017

34 thoughts on “Ulula

      1. Well, I made a huge mess trying to clean up a mess, haha! Now I’m feeling quite accomplished because my office is well organized. I’ve had to calm my sister today. That was a big task done over the phone. Truthfully, I am quite worried about her. She is so devastated about our mother, as I am, however she’s just had a baby, and her hormones are going bananas. I’m taking the best care of her and the baby that I can.


      2. So you’re an aunt! Congratulations! I’m an aunt too (3 times) by my sister and I adore them.
        I too feel accomplished when I tidy.
        Your sister must be going through a very tough situation right now. I hope it all works out. There are some things we just have to accept and move on as best as we can. But I guess you’ve both heard that a lot lately and it sounds like a string of words.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you! Being an aunt is such a blessing, isn’t it? Please know that I truly appreciate your words. I know they are meant with kindness.

        Liked by 1 person

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