My guests

bring appetites

grown great


They dare defy the law

better die sleek

than feast


Forget plain fruit;

their eyes

will speak outraged


O guests,

voracious gods,

be kind


Know that I dare serve

the stricken flesh

of priests


grown fat

on money

from the State


Thrust deep the knives

or otherwise

be blind




LINES FOR AN ABDICATOR’S DINNER PARTY is a found poem, made from Ruth Lechlitner’s Lines for an Abortionist’s Office (c. 1936)

I think Ruth wouldn’t mind.

© Basilike Pappa, 2018


(Image: Pinterest)



15 thoughts on “Lines for an abdicator’s dinner party

  1. I like ‘their eyes will speak outraged’ bit. I agree with you, it feels incomplete a little. A tasty main desiring a dessert. Maybe an aftermath exposé…when all have departed. Great work though, i like how you’ve played with the words. More please 🙂

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