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It has been quite some time since I have hosted a Writing Prompt Challenge on Brave and Reckless but I have been planning this one ever since I first read Basilike Pappa’s Sweet Dreams sans Merci which weaves together “found” song lyrics into a new wholeBasilike’s piece is sensuous is tone but this kind of challenge is really about getting your creativity on.  The pieces submitted for this challenge can be humorous, nostalgic, romantic, full of biting social commentary, dedicated to a single artist or band or contain a medley of your favorite songs from when you were 16 or the music you listen to now when you are writing. The choices are endless.

The Guidelines

Writing Prompt- Found Song Lyrics

  1. Using the lyrics of at leastthree different songs, write a 50 to 200 word original, previously unpublished piece. It can be poetry, prose, or flash fiction. You can add an additional 20…

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