Arta gravure 1854



If I were a town in some west,

I’d be in love with a river

who’d wrap his arm around my waist



We’d have all the gold,

and a plain to call our own,

and a sea to want



If I were a town in some west,

I’d drizzle grief and rain my worst till I felt better,

and my river would drink with his arm around my waist

so tender.


But I’m no town in some west,

I’ve no gold on my breast,

or the power to mess with the weather,

and there’s no one to wrap a true arm around my waist




© Basilike Pappa, 2018


(Image: Pinterest)



50 thoughts on “A Town in Some West

  1. Finally….you write! And I, a hungry soul patiently waiting to be fed (in a restaurant where the chef mostly stays home) am finally satiated.
    Oh how emaciated I was…. ❤️
    Thank you !

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  2. One of the many things I love about your writing is how much they feel like songs to me. There’s a rhythm and a beat to your words that is more than just the emotion that you want to express – it’s the dance you want them to perform inside the head.

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    1. Thank you!

      No, I’ve never been to America. I had no idea this poem could apply to the towns there, so this is a nice surprise.

      I wrote it for my hometown, Arta, in western Greece. The gravure I used is from the town in 1840 if I remember correctly.

      Do you live in a town in the North American west?

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      1. Yes.

        I currently live in the City of Calgary which actually has two rivers flowing through it.

        But prior to that, I lived in Vancouver on Canada’s West Coast for four years which has a really big river the Fraser flowing through it plus it’s also by the ocean.

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