My friend Susan Richardson, who writes the amazing blog Stories from the Edge of Blindness was tagged a few days ago to participate in the black and white photo challenge by Grace, the creator of MS Graceful…NOT. She posted some beautiful photos and she said she’d love to see mine.

You know there are always rules to everything in life! The rules for this are straightforward. Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day  (Participate if you feel compelled to do so).



31 thoughts on “My Life in Black & White: Day 7

  1. And, so the moon (and drinks and tidbits) punctuates the end of the journey. What an amazing thing to look at while relaxing and having a drink of an evening. This has been so wonderful. You have shown me a part of the world I knew so little about, taken me down new streets and shown me new things. You pictures are beautiful! Thank you!

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    1. It’s a beautiful spot, on the same square as the mosque in one of my other pictures. This building here used to be a prison. Now it’s a museum too. A Turkish hammam lies under it. You can see it at the back of the building.

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      1. I am sure there are. The biggest part of the museum though is dedicated to musician Vassilis Tsitsanis, who was born here. It also hosts other exhibitions. A painter friend of mine exhibited her work there last year. It was beautiful.

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    1. Everyone I know is fine, Allane. Thanks for asking. I doubt though they can breathe, with all the smoke. A friend posted pictures of the sky from his balcony – you could only see a red hazy glow. Athens is hell right now.

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      1. I felt so sad when I saw it on the News, but I thought of you right away. I know you’re not there but it sounded as if a lot of the mainland is affected. Be safe love x

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      2. I am sad too. This happens every summer. Hopefully, someday there will be no more forests in the country.

        Thank you so much for thinking about me! I’m sending you my love.


  2. I’m just chiming in also to send love to you and your beloved country at this time of hardship. The stories of families huddled, mere metres from the live saving ocean tore out my heart. I hope the worst is over xx

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      1. Yes I can never remember hearing such devastation. Growing up in Australia I also recall bushfires every dry season. How nature springs to life afterward is remarkable.

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