If you aren’t following the story of X, by S. K. Nicholas, you are missing some beautiful writing.

S. K. Nicholas


In awe of the strange sights illuminating their eyes, the animals surrounded X— both the flesh and bone version of her sprawled out before them on the bathroom floor and the ethereal images that bore her face which were dancing in the air above. Those shapes; they were at once the meaning of life and the embodiment of all things transitory. Sometime later, each one of the creatures in that room would give their account of what they had seen, and each would differ wildly from the other. What didn’t differ, however, was that they had all been touched by some higher power. They had felt it in their bones. In those first few seconds the dazzling nature of the shape-shifting steam had them enthralled, and even if they had wanted to, they wouldn’t have been able to avert their gaze, such was its splendour. As they sat there with…

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