As my dear friend Bojana Stojcic said, damn those challenges! I wasn’t planning on writing anything today, but she made me change my mind. So, in response to her photo prompt, here I go.


bojama challenge

When you thought you met the Muses, but it was Witches

When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Macbeth (I, i, 1-2)


In bars

drooling beggars starve

for drunken sweet strangers

to see them as stars


They say: ‘Can I buy you a drink?’

And: ‘Shit – I’m weak to your magic’

Easy to lure in alleyways

for a shocking discharge


Seduction overflow

turns to poems on the necrotic beauty of snow

some worse than others


Our tongues

bear fruit for writers obscene

emptying their cocksure intestines

On paper sheets

lines as profound as

‘pleasure is a cheap pump’


Later they beg to meet again

in thunder, lightning, or in rain


They find we have flown away

there are always more

monochromatic clerks

dreaming of becoming stars

in bars





88 thoughts on “Tell the Story Challenge

  1. If this is what happens for you on a day you weren’t planning on writing, then all hope is lost for the rest of us. You never ever fail to blow my mind. Your writing has such a special flavor, so many twisting nuances. I am in awe of you, my friend. Always!!!

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  2. I’m not easily impressed, but you’ve done it again. Your writing really, really makes me smile, Basilike – and you quoted Macbeth, which is my favourite Shakespeare. ❀

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    1. Mine too! What a character! I even found Macbeth for kids and bought it for my nephew (It’s a funny take, but I think a good introduction to the play).

      Thank you very much for reading my poem and for your kind words. The picture reminded me immediately of the Weird Sisters!

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  3. This is not a thing to be denied, no matter how hard it may be to look at. I was put in mind of swaggering, overconfident young men hitting on women on the subway. “No”, “Not interested”, “Go away”, “Fuck off”, whatever, it all meant the same thing: Let’s negotiate! It would seem these guys don’t see the difference between having nothing to lose and having something to give. Away down south in Dixie we have a saying: If you want the woman of your dreams, you have to be the man of hers
    I see a glimmer of light around the edges here, though. We are not all drooling beggars but, for those of us who are, being a drooling beggar is not a life sentence. Respect yourself and be free.
    Like I said earlier, hard to look at but not to be denied. It’s a grotesque carved by a master. Good one.

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  4. That you can write in such a compelling way, on the spur of a suggestion -well yes, there was my original opinion of you once again confirmed. You are a mighty fine writer ma’am, and I DIG what you do!
    I’ll always return for more …. ❀️

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    1. Thank you, Nick! I wonder myself. The picture made me think immediately of the witches in Macbeth, and the storyline sort of occurred by going through my notes and finding lines to use.

      I love it that you love it — and I just misspelled occurred (with one R) and misspelled (with one S).

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