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Show me someone who doesn’t want to make their parents proud and I’ll show you a liar. Or, worse, I’ll show you a weakling who shies from hardship. Or, even worse, a heartless, ungrateful bastard. For it is a truth secretly whispered that, when parents bring a baby into their home for the first time, and the sleepless nights start, and the crying turns to howling for hours on end, one question keeps gnawing at their minds: Why did we do this to ourselves?

Strange as it may sound, no one puts someone else before themselves without expecting something in return. And what better way to make it up to one’s parents  than to say one day: ‘Parents, your sacrifices were not for naught. I’ll make you proud.’

Such is the case with me. I can’t deny the fact that from an early age I had been burning with desire…

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33 thoughts on “SD Short Story Contest Finalist: No More Than You Can Salt – Basilike Pappa

  1. So I read this great piece again, Basilike. I couldn’t always distinguish between the factual and the humourous statements. I asked myself a few times “is this a fact or is Basilike playing with words?” Your writing is brilliant and entertaining.

    I also had a wish to make my parents proud when I was young but it seems we took slightly different approaches. Now I’ve become this “self-centred” person who no longer cares about making anyone proud but living a life which feels right to myself 🙂

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    1. It’s what I do too, and it’s very liberating!

      It’s a great compliment saying that you couldn’t tell fact and fiction apart in this piece. It was what I was trying to do, and I’m thrilled to know it worked. Anyway, this character and I share a dislike for mathematics.

      Thank you very much for your comment. It’s always great talking to you.



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