It was fluffy and green as far as the eye could see, with the bluest sky above. Maro said it smelled like cotton candy.

She had to argue a little about it with Pandora, who was sure it smelled like cream pie. Thea said it wasn’t that important. To her it was honey cookies; the place smelled different to everyone.

In any case, all three agreed it was a beautiful day for a picnic. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the stream sounded like harps, Pandora said. Or Venetian lutes, Maro said. Or flutes, said Thea, tilting her face back to meet the golden caress of the sun.

‘Do you think it ever rains?’

‘I really hope it doesn’t,’ Maro said, taking some fruit out of the picnic basket. Fruit was all that was allowed – every kind except apples. They were a touchy subject.

‘Did it…

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36 thoughts on “A Picnic in Oblivion – Basilike Pappa

    1. Sometimes I surprise myself too. This is an older story I reworked for FVR. If you asked me to write anything right now, I’d be staring at you with empty eyes. So I really don’t know the secret.

      Kisses and love, my dear B! I hope you are well.

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  1. Definitely well written. Familiar yet otherworldly. A sense of ancientness and modernity, life and afterlife. Right from the beginning, it was familiar yet something was off. I got a sense of the divine, but I wasn’t sure what to make of it. At first I thought goddesses and then that shifted as they talked about the faded memories of their lives. The reference to apples being a touchy subject — the first thing that popped into my head was the 3 goddesses wanting the golden apple that resulted in the contest that led to the Trojan War. Then I thought of the apple that unfairly got Eve (and women as a whole) on God’s and man’s shit list.

    I could be miles off, but so much going on and it left me with a lot to think about. Well done!

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      1. Where women glow & men plunder
        … but I guess, that could be anywhere.
        Valhalla would always welcome her. For it
        seemed, as in a dream, that Pandora, Maro,
        & Thea, had already ascended somewhere
        near there 😎

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  2. Another beauty. Like I say, these short pieces are as good as your poetry, and that’s saying something. BTW, just for you info. I can only get to your blog via my laptop. When I try on my andoid it says the ULR is invalid. Not sure what that is but yours is the only blog that gives me that msg.

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