89 thoughts on “My poem, Closed Circuit, on Visual Verse

  1. Not only do you write poems, Basilike, you create scenes, a series of scenes. Intense and enigmatic. And then I wander around in these scenes, back and forth, thinking, feeling, and dreaming… Love.

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      1. I had never heard of it, tbh. I’m still not sure either. I can’t see how to navigate it properly and see the word Twitter quite prominently. I don’t have Twitter now.

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      2. Ξ™ don’t have either, it’s not necessary. It means you won’t be notified if your work is accepted. To find out if they published me, I just go to their archives, click on my name and see everything they published by me. On July 1 they’ll have a new photo prompt. You can send them your writing until the 15th. No emails either, you just paste your work in a special field they have.

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      3. That’s great. I’m more of an artist than a writer (I think) so I’m not sure if I can write something inspired by art that doesn’t “speak” to me. I looked up the artists and wasn’t inspired by a few of them…but I may give it a go in July. Thanks for suggesting it. Do you know where they source the art from and do they ever have photos submitted? I didn’t see any.

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  2. I don’t know how I missed this. I’ve been a bit down lately and falling behind on the blogs I normally read. I even saw the prompt at VV and jotted down something I tossed.

    Anyway, you were far more successful than I. I love the notion of “…birds, ferns, trees singing a closed circuit where nothing ever leaves without her consent…” and the notion of her being the agency for her own happiness and making herself beautiful again.

    And making new clothes, pinstriped, like a caged animal — what a great line. I’m not sure how the transition from feminity to masculinity (or androgeny) plays out, but it definitely gets my brain swirling with ideas. Well done!

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    1. Thank you! The “pinstriped, like a caged animal” line is my favorite too — a stroke of genius kind of line, if I may say so myself.

      As for the androgyny element, I don’t know how this would have played out if I had written it without the picture. But I saw she had that ring in her breast pocket, and that made me think that traditionally it is men who propose, so she had to become her own man — if that makes any sense? Not count on any man for her happiness.

      I too am a little behind with the blogs I follow, so no worries. Sometimes we need the time out.

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      1. Exactly!

        When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a man — someone sad over unrequited love perhaps? But the face was a woman’s, so it got me thinking “why is she in men’s clothes and why she has a ring?” It was a good picture, after all.

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