On Free Verse Revolution again. Love, grill restaurants and deep waters.


You’d think it would be the fragrance of flowers, the symbolism of doves, or the euphoriaof spice, but it wasa grill restaurant that made me think of us this morning as I was waiting to cross the street. There was nothing special about it except for the hen that proudly posed as its emblem, presenting the world with a platter of roasted chicken. ‘Here is someone who would offer themselves to be eaten,’ I thought. And then I imagined myself being eaten by you. My body torn by your teeth, my blood dripping from your chin, streaming down the marble falls of your flesh. 

Last night the air in my room had been heavy with the carnal scent of our new knowledge. You fell asleep in my bed. But sleep wouldn’t come to me; it stayed away from my clenched teeth. Behind my closed eyelids, tails and scales…

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43 thoughts on “Take my heart into deep water – Basilike Pappa

  1. Fantastic. I just love how you captured the mood and the moment. The elation and uncertainty when the magic of the night gives way to daylight. Your imagery of the self-contained watcher, living in the moment, happy, yet in a way disconnected. This is so well done, Basilike.

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  2. This is a gorgeous, evocative work. Love is dangerous and surrendering to it in order to find its bliss can be a perilous undertaking, without a doubt, but what else is there to do? There is little in life that comes without a cost or a risk.
    When I read this I was put in mind of the first night my wife and I spent together, thirty four years ago. Every word, every touch, was true and right and comfortable. The night revealed none of the effort that would be required to make our love seem so effortless. It was a lot of effort, sometimes it still is but we decided we were worth it. Thank you.

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  3. This whole line touched my heart:

    “I became a pebble deep in water, self-contained, protected against every use that can be found for me, free to observe the rise and fall of life without taking part. Like a pebble deep in water, I slept.”

    The power of your imagery drives my heart deeply and heartfelt into your incredible writing. You shine brilliance and influence on us all. 🙂

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