41 thoughts on “My poem, Electro Cute, on Visual Verse

  1. Basilike, that is a fantastic title for a very imaginative piece that ties in so well with the image. I think my favorite stanza is the third one — very evocative. You have rain as restless water. Birds creating their nests out of irony. Stars dancing like shivers. I enjoyed it!

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    1. Thank you so much!

      As I said to Bojana, this was an idea I had for some time now — one of those poems that are left unfinished until something comes along that helps me complete them. The image was great for this one.

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  2. I read this as a ‘Cyberpunk’ poetry. One of my favorites from you.

    This poem is packed with electronic visuals that sees the future of lover wanting to be unplugged by its supreme machine god. Only to be together love to love, real to real, reality to reality.

    The ending and the picture made me think of this video:

    BjΓΆrk – All is Full of Love (Official Music Video)

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      1. You are welcome. There is no problem in the late responses but at least you replied back to my comment.


  3. It’s been too long since I read you

    “Where stars dance like shivers/and birds make nests from irony threads
    rain is just restless water/and we are all wits – no heart”

    This started up a chime for me. THIS is kinda like where I go when I can finally write something, worthwhile (from inside, more wit than Heart usually). This could easily be a poetic description of that place we go.
    Thanx for this
    gray from my site Spilling Some/ https://namelessneedblog.wordpress.com/

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    1. And thank YOU for the interpretation. Writing is the same for me — mostly a mind game of sorts. Inevitably sentiment is involved, but I generally don’t just ‘pour my heart out’.

      Good to hear from you!


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