Proud to be on Dodging The Rain today. Thank you, Neil Slevin!



Melinda stores memories inside chickens – uncaring birds.
Buys groceries.
Eats. Cleans. Makes a cup of tea.
Sitting by her window she knits long scarves. Hobbies are a good thing.
It all feels like calling home and speaking in a foreign accent, or like a strange cat sitting on her armchair.

Melinda used to have her rooms full of nightingales. Sometimes she flashed them at people. Well, she is only human.
But counting nightingales before they sing all their songs is a cheater.

It comes as a missed train, as rain inside the brain; as unequal exchange, torn page, minimum wage. It comes as derealization, depersonalization, as minding the gap but still getting your foot stuck in it; as varicose vein, chest pain, not so sweet martha lorraine. It comes as blue, to paint blue the heart; as human factor, x-factor, max factor. It comes as…

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42 thoughts on “Basilike Pappa, As Rain Inside The Brain

  1. Oh B, this absolutely made my day!!! It is so wonderful to see your work in DTR and to read your brilliant writing again. I have been away too long to catch up on what has happened in my absence, but I am super excited to read what comes next! All the love!

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  2. Is it ok to say that Melinda’s Long Scarf Syndrome is my favourite of the three pieces, Basilike? I loved the various scenes you created around Melinda, the mood, the emotions, and her syndrome.

    Wrong Twin’s Lullaby reminded me of Virginia Woolf’s The Waves. Both your works puzzled me, in an intellectual way… Love.

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  3. I love your writing style!! You write so awesomely. It’s hard to write with such a quality of earthiness when levitating in the beauty of literature but my god, what skills you have!! How can anyone contain such capability within themselves. It’s a mystery for sure.

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  4. I wrote this comment on the link you posted:

    “Basilike, what a genius writing of surrealism and the structure of your writing is
    perfectly composed like a cinema of language co-existing with the universe.

    🙂 Miss reading your work. 🙂

    I’m so proud of you and you got me thinking now and I’ll be writing some interesting poems on my end. 🙂

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  5. While I enjoy them all (and I’m positive I’ve read Watch before), I absolutely love Wrong Twin’s Lullaby. The rhythm of it, the repetition, the staccato nature of the dashes. The whole thing is so hypnotic and lulling me and drawing me closer in.

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