48 thoughts on “My poem, Manthos and Magdalena Lights Apart, on Visual Verse

    1. Thank you, B!

      The apartment in the middle really looks like the one I lived in Athens — I had painted the walls orange. It was great in the beginning, but later almost made me go mad. Now I use orange in smaller doses. Anyway, that’s why I couldn’t resist this prompt.


  1. “Magdalena, hold me tighter,
    I think I’m sinking down.
    And I’m all strung out,
    and stuck
    on the outskirts of Athens.
    With just my Ray Bans on
    to guard the seeds of dark
    from the skin of the sun.”
    ~ Warren Ze Avalon 😎

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  2. Basilike, I love yr rich prose here, and so romantic. Thanx once again for a pleasurable read. I realize that it’s been to long since I visited. It’s always a smile when I see that you’ve visited my work, and a compliment from a wonderful writer when you “like”. I sure like yours here.

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  3. so beautiful… “You know you exist by the traces you leave in the snow” encapsulates perfectly the spirit if the image. so thank you for this inspiring verbal depiction…!
    (Joelle the photographer)


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